So what exactly is “sellarketing”? It’s the convergence of sales and marketing skills needed to be a successful modern social salesperson. It is the skill of a salesperson to market themselves and their product through content marketing, and the need for a marriage between the sales and marketing department in order to provide salespeople with the right funnel stage content to deliver to their prospects. These two things are necessary for social selling to be successful.

B2B and B2C sales people are increasingly required to be micromarketers and provide a trail of content breadcrumbs to lead your prospects to you. This is becoming vital since buyers are now coming into contact with sales reps having the buying process up to 90% complete. This requires sales reps to execute tactical campaigns to target buyers. This cannot be done without help from marketing who need to craft and create these campaigns and provide the right content to the sales reps. This will include social networks specific campaigns for LinkedIn, Twitter, and any other networks your buyers are on.

In order for modern salespeople to successfully execute micro-marketing campaigns, it will require both salespeople and marketing departments to step outside themselves and put themselves into the position of the buyer. This means to go where they go online, and read what they read across the web. Where are they finding content? Which blogs, social channels, groups, and forums are they using to find content? Once both sides understand the buyer journey pre-contact, successful campaigns can be developed to join the conversation and begin tactically interacting with future customers.