Why Modern B2B Sales Needs To Incorporate Social Media

In the B2B sales world, products are becoming more competitive, and almost identical options are available in the market. The truth is that more people than ever before are trying to reach prospects that will choose their solution over a myriad of others. Creating social accounts for your B2B sellers should be regarded as a high priority due to the extreme focus on relationship selling as a methodology.

I can attest to this as the Enterprise sales trainer for Hootsuite for over 3 years selling software in a hyper-competitive market.

If you wish to generate more B2B prospects you want to appear as trustworthy, as an expert, and as a trusted advisor that can help a prospect solve their problem.  This manual will introduce you to your firm can use media to its benefit.

How To Target The Right People

Social networking comes up with more ways for companies to hit their target customers. Decision-makers from managers and directors all the way up to executives are using social media to make purchase decisions. To secure B2B revenue you have to be able to drill down into your target audience.

Targeting is the trick to making social media work for you. The sales business relies on successful targeting for success. Without a high level of targeting, it is impossible to create interpersonal media work.

It is why Facebook has spent so much in advanced targeting alternatives over the past couple of years. A little known secret is that you can export your LinkedIn contacts and use their emails to create a custom audience to target them on Facebook as well. This will help build familiarity and increase more touchpoints than your competitors.

Don’t Half-Ass It, Get It Right

What lots of B2B sellers don’t understand about social networking in the B2B sales or lead generation sense. They must know how to perform the right activities without spending time from other key selling activities and realize that it takes time to get results because of the need to build relationships and trust. Forget spending minutes weekly and expecting to see a recurrence. You need to spend time on media to build relationships.

Spending time on social media will lead to outcomes that are better, but you have to plan for the time you’re going to invest in it. It might be worth establishing a staff.

Harness Different Content Formats for Different Audiences

B2B sales are about engaging with your intended audience. Regrettably, most B2B sellers have no true diversity in regards to the content. That’s an issue because the average B2B firm is simply hitting a little part of their target market. They are not looking into the way they could attract their buyer’s sphere of influence.

Folks prefer different types of articles. You have to include several types of content as part of your content strategy. Content can come in many types, including written, visual, and sound. Now the prevalence of video advertising has risen, especially amongst executives.

You will need to make sure that you’re using parts of content to reach on up to your intended audience as possible. Written content for LinkedIn and LinkedIn groups work well. Using video software allowing them to embed into emails (some integrate with your CRM) is an excellent way to build trust and provide prospects with their choice of consuming content,

It’s All About Relationships

Social media needs to be integrated into your sales process properly and it just as powerful as either email or phone. It’s actually greater than that. Before you get to the purchasing stage, you want to focus on building relationships with your prospects. The best B2B companies are not thinking about how they can sell on social. They’re considering how they can build relationships on media.

Building up relationships is the way you acquire more B2B prospects into your funnel. B2B buyers wish to believe and care about the people and the company they are dealing with more than ever.

You have to bear in mind that it can take more than 10 brand touches to actually secure a purchase. Most companies do not take the time required to build these relationships. They quickly give up and leave after a few emails or unreturned phone messages.

The power of social in it’s lowest form allows reps to find elements that are relatable. People you both know on LinkedIn, interests, prior companies, family parallels, and so much more. Without even engaging with a prospect, you can use this information to accelerate trust on your first phone call or increase the likelihood of a return email or phone call. Using a LinkedIn contact referral skyrockets the likelihood of securing.a conversation.

Consider Paid Training For Your Reps

What lots of people don’t consider is the choices on offer. Free courses are usually not the best, although it’s simple to take advantage of “free”, they are not tailored to your company, sales process, or prospects you’re hunting. You need to think about paid choices.

I have personally trained thousands of B2B sales reps from smaller operations to many Fortune 500 companies. IBM, Aflac, Microsoft, Mercer, and Cisco are just a few of the companies I’ve helped grow revenue considerably buy helping them generate more leads, accelerate sales cycles, and Lifetime Customer value.

Without considering social in your sales process, your competitors are eating your lunch. I know this for a fact because I have probably trained them from LinkedIn Profile Optimization to full-scale social selling programs. I deliver these in-person or online and customize training to exactly what your team needs. Contact me for a free consultation or chat about how social selling can fit into your program. I know all about the skillset, toolset, and mindset needed to ramp up your revenue.

Making A Decision On Social Selling

Promoting to some other company is hard, however, if you are committed, social media WILL work for you. It takes a great deal of testing and you are going to have to work on it but make do it right and you have access to a worldwide target audience. Virtually everybody from many demographics has at least one social networking account. Don’t get left behind and adopt social selling today!